She’s a legend of The Colonial fleet. Built as a deep-space exploration and electronic warfare vessel by the Vergis Corporation almost 60 years ago, The Celestra’s broad-spectrum lenses has already watched the flame of humanity almost extinguished once. She’s about to witness it again.

In the first Cylon war The Celestra was committed to covertly searching out and studying systems the Cylons claimed as their own. And when need be, deliver a decisive blow to deep-space installations and hold her own against intercepting Raiders. Silent. Watchful. Lethal. She saw more than a hundred encounters with the enemy and is credited for supplying the vital information and behind-the-lines disruption that lifted the Siege of Tauron, considered to be one of the darkest hours of the War.

They call her The Monitor Celestra and she’s a ship full of secrets. Some marines say she has a soul of her own, that her sensors are just a little bit too sharp, her systems too smart. And even though all reason stands against them, the superstitions persist. After all, right at the time The Celestra was built, Vergis corporation was involved in the creation of the metacognitive processing algorithms that allowed the creation of The Cylons, the enemy of man. Who’s to say there is no spark of imagination hidden beneath her Tritanium-alloy shell.

But after so many years of silence, no-one believes in the Cylon threat anymore. And even state-of the art technology finally ages. The Celestra was decommissioned from the Colonial Navy, and during the last 16 years, she has been a floating particle-collector for Vergis Corporation’s HERMES project. Patiently gathering meaningless particle data from insignificant anomalies close to the outer limit of colonial space. Everyone expected her to serve her last days growing humanity’s knowledge of the deep past.

Then the Cylons came.

One last time The Celestra will play a critical part in the fate of mankind. Will she save the fleet or destroy it? Let’s find out!



Our story begins at Ragnar station where the rag-tag fleet sits trapped while the Battlestar Galactica restocks her munition depots.

The Monitor Celestra will play out in the 130 hours between the end of the miniseries and the beginning of the episode "33" (i e start of first season). We recommend that you have watched at least this much Battlestar Galactica before embarking.

While we do endeavour to stay true to the lore of the re-imagined series, we will allow dramatic departures from the canon when it comes to the consequences of the events aboard The Celestra, up to and including the destruction of the fleet.


Phantoms & Projections

Is nobody else seeing that person in red? Why isn’t anyone listening? Did I do the right thing when I cleared my lover for active Viper duty? Did that guy see me cheating the draw to get off Tauron? Is that my dead daughter? Am I going crazy?

Through use of specially instructed players we will make it possible for you to experience Cylon projections and more mundane flashbacks that make up core parts of Galactica storytelling. We take inspiration from the Baltar - Caprica Six relationship and strive to make similar dilemmas available to all players, directly or indirectly. You might suddenly find yourself back in your Tauron house, living out dilemmas of your past that continue to haunt your character. All within a specially designed Room of Projections.


Differences to Battlestar Galactica

The Monitor Celestra is a very different vessel compared to The Galactica. She is less than a tenth of it’s size and even older than the venerable Battlestar. This means conditions are cramped and claustraphobic, but also equipped with ancient networked technologies that would never be accepted on the Galactica.


More background information

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