"The Monitor Celestra" was a Nordic Larp produced by Alternaliv that played out three times in March 2013.

We wish to thank everyone involved in this accomplishment, organizers as well as participants. See full list of credits >>

So say we all.

Briefing One

Web version (pdf, 6.5 MB)

Print version (pdf, 612 KB)

Describes the dramatical aspects of the larp.

Systems Brief

Everything you need to familiarize yourselves with and understand in order to command and control the Celestra during both normal operations and combat conditions. View (28 MB)

Dear participants!

We are now closing the project, leaving just some small adjustments to Henrik and Tomas. A huge "thank you" from all of us to all of you! The project could not have been made without you! "The Monitor Celestra" was organized by this fantastic team!


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